5 Reasons you should join the MFl community!

  • Compassion in Every Connection: Our community is a place where you’re not just a locum; you’re part of our team. Share stories, advice, and experiences with like-minded professionals who understand the unique challenges and joys of veterinary work.
  • Learning and Growth: Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your locum journey, MFL is your hub for learning and development. Gain insights, attend webinars, and connect with mentors and experts who are here to help you thrive.
  • Supportive Network: The world of locum work can sometimes be lonely. But within our community, you’ll find a network of individuals ready to uplift and encourage you, both professionally and personally.
  • Exclusive Opportunities: Be the first to hear about locum positions, webinars, and events. Our community members often get early access to valuable opportunities to enhance their careers.
  • Make a Difference: By joining MFL, you’re not just improving your career; you’re contributing to the betterment of the veterinary industry. We believe that by fostering strong connections, we can create a more resilient and compassionate field.

Find, book, work. Can’t be easier than this.

Picture this: You log in and boom, there’s a whole map of locum shifts across the UK just waiting for you. Want to know more about a shift or clarify a detail? No worries, you can chat directly with practices right on the platform.

Found a shift that suits you perfectly? Well, you can book it right then and there, and all the nitty-gritty terms and conditions? Yep, you can send those seamlessly through the platform too.

But wait, there’s more! Once you’ve bagged a shift, pop it into your calendar, and voilà, everything’s neatly organized in one secure place. It’s the easy-peasy, stress-free way to manage your locum career.


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Interactive platform

Our platform is your gateway to a vibrant world of opportunities. Connect, engage, and explore locum work like never before.

Reliable support

We’re not just about work; we’re about community. Join our supportive network of locum professionals and elevate your career to new heights.

Direct communication with practices

Say goodbye to middlemen. With our platform, you can talk directly to practices, ensuring clarity and control in your locum journey.

1-1 Calls

Unsure even where to begin as a locum?

A 1-1 call with myself offers personalised guidance tailored to the specific needs and goals of yourself. It allows for a deep dive into your unique challenges, providing practical solutions and strategies to navigate the locum lifestyle successfully. My expert experience and insights can save time, minimise potential pitfalls, and accelerate your professional growth and confidence in your abilities. Book a chat with me today!

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45 minutes call


One off call to go through all areas of locum life

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  • 1-1 Zoom or Phone call
  • All fincial routes covered
  • Discuss your unique life and which route would suit you.
  • Introductions to various experts.
  • Complete non-biased chat about all routes of locum life
Let’s Grow together

45 minute call, Lifetime access plus invoice and accountancy templates.


45 min call with email follow up. Whats best is you will have Molly on hand through your locum journey to answer any questions along the way.

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  • All plan 1 features included
  • lifetime SMS, whatsapp, email and call with Molly.
  • Invoice templates and accountancy templates
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Everything and more!


This is the ultimate bundle if you want to hit the ground running as a new locum. We will go through all of plan 1 and 2 plus I will send you my bundle guide for free AND be on hand if you ever decide to change route or diversify into something else. Most popular choice by far!

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  • Plan 1 and 2 features included
  • Bundle guide worth £90 on its own!
  • Everything you need!

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions ordered by popularity. This section will be aimed specifically to answer any additional questions practices might have about the service and subscribing to the booking system.

A veterinary locum is a qualified veterinary professional, such as a vet or a veterinary nurse, who provides temporary or short-term staffing assistance to veterinary practices. Locums can fill in for permanent staff during holidays, illness, or other absences.

MFL is a comprehensive platform designed to simplify locum staffing for veterinary practices. It includes two main components: resources and a community for locum professionals, as well as a subscription-based platform for practices to find and book locums.

Working as a locum offers flexibility in your schedule, the opportunity to gain experience in different practices. Perfect for finding your forever practice without the need to job hop or be an ambassador for your favourite practices while diversifying or enjoying your own life even more.

The “resources and community” section of MFL is designed to help locum professionals succeed in their roles. It provides educational resources, support, and a sense of community for locum vets and nurses to excel in practices.

You can find locum opportunities through locum agencies, online job boards, or specialised locum platforms like Management for Locums (MFL). Networking and word-of-mouth referrals can also lead to locum positions. It is super important you keep your conversations, bookings and T+Cs safe and secure which is why it is useful to use a locum management software where you can easily keep all this data in one place.

Yes, you should have the necessary qualifications and registrations to work as a veterinary professional in your country or region. But NO you do not need to be an expert in anything. Locum life is all about turning up, working to the best of your ability and supporting the team. If you have specific passions or certificates, make it known and fill shifts that suit them. If you are looking to learn about new areas as a locum – be transparent with the practice, an extra pair of hands although learning is still very useful to some!

Pay rates can vary based on your experience, specialisation, and location. Research typical location. You will need to work out your rate based on your on unique life. You ideal hours, take home pay and passions. It is wrong to charge a rate because another locum is charging it. Want help working out your rate? Drop us an email , we would be happy to help!

An umbrella company is typically a third-party organisation that handles the administrative and financial aspects of locum work. Locums who work through an umbrella company are often considered employed. The umbrella company manages invoicing, tax, and National Insurance (NI) contributions on behalf of the locum. This arrangement can simplify financial matters for locums. Umbrella companies charge a fee to the locum for this service. A recruitment agency places locum professionals at various veterinary practices which require shift cover. They act as intermediaries between locums and practices handling the placement process, arranging interviews, and negotiating contracts. Recruiters charge a fee on top of the locum fee to the practice for this service.

The availability of locum work can vary based on factors such as your location, experience, and specialisation. In many regions, there is a demand for locum veterinary professionals to cover shifts during staff holidays, illnesses, or busy periods. Joining locum platforms or online communities like MFL can increase your visibility and access to locum opportunities.

Yes, you can be part of the Management for Locums (MFL) community without using the platform for job placements. MFL may offer various community activities, such as webinars, forums, and networking events, where locum professionals can connect, share experiences, and access resources related to locum work and the veterinary industry. You can choose to participate in these community aspects while still managing your job placements through other means if you prefer. We are a non-biased community – meaning we will support you with which ever route you take.

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