Dealing with Cancellations – Locum Edition

Cancellations can be frustrating and stressful but unfortunately they do happen, so its important to know how to deal with them professionally and promptly so as to cause minimal disruption to you as a locum.

Some of my top tips for dealing with cancellations as a locum are as follows:

  1. Don’t have all your eggs in one basket –
    meaning ideally don’t book all of your
    work in at once with one practice because if you fill your diary and then they
    cancel this leaves you rushing to find replacement work/and or going without work for those dates.
  1. Create a locum contract and include a cancellation clause –
    It is more than fair to include a cancellation clause in your contract with practices if you are working self-employed/as a ltd company i.e. if they cancel you within a month they pay 50% of your wage for that block of work or something similar.

  2. Be polite and professional – It is upsetting and frustrating when practices
    cancel you, especially if it is last minute however it isn’t worth getting a bad
    rep, it is important to be polite and professional in your response to
    cancellations (it is simpler for all involved) and ultimately that practice will be low on your list for locumming within the future.
  1. Have a back up plan – it is always a good idea to have other practices on your
    ‘locum list’ that you can contact in case of last minute availability with the
    potential for shift availability to fill your cancellation gaps, and check out the
    management for locums platform for regular shifts becoming available.

  2. Use a cancellation to your advantage – Are there things in life you were
    putting off doing/appts you needed to make but couldn’t because you were
    working? That’s one way to deal with a cancellation, make it work for you! Turn
    the situation around and make the most of the time you now have available whilst looking for your next locum practice.

Written by Emma Ruggles