Navigating the Road: Top Tips for Traveling Locums

For locum veterinary professionals, a life on the road can be both exhilarating and challenging. As you embark on your next adventure, consider these top tips to make your travel experience smoother, more enjoyable, and conducive to delivering your best veterinary care.

1.Bring Your Own Pillow: Just like professional athletes bringing your own pillow can offer a sense of familiarity and comfort. Not only does it help prevent homesickness, but it also ensures you have the right support for a good night’s sleep, especially when dealing with those unpredictable hotel pillows.

2. Plan Travel Thoughtfully: Travel disruptions can throw a wrench into your schedule. Combat this by planning your travel with a buffer. Aim to arrive at your destination at least 30 minutes before your scheduled check-in or shift. This extra time acts as a safety net, allowing for unexpected delays.

3. Create an Accommodation Checklist: Whether you’re staying in hotels, rented apartments, or with fellow locums, having a checklist ensures you don’t forget essentials. From toiletries to work-related documents, a well-prepared checklist ensures you have everything you need for a comfortable stay.

4.Prep Food and Clothes in Advance: Avoid the last-minute rush by preparing your meals and laying out your clothes in advance. This not only saves time but also ensures you have healthy food options, especially in areas where your favourite meals might be hard to find.

5. Stay Connected with the Locum Community: Travelling can be isolating, but the locum community is vast and supportive. Stay connected through Mfl’s facebook community. Not only does this provide a sense of camaraderie, but it also opens doors to valuable insights and advice from experienced locums.

Extra Tip: The Accommodation Bag

Create a dedicated bag filled with travel essentials that you can keep packed and ready to go. Include items like toiletries, a spare set of chargers, comfortable sleepwear, and any other personal items you frequently use. Having this bag ready eliminates the stress of last-minute packing.


Being a travelling locum comes with its own set of challenges, but with careful planning and a few extra comforts, you can turn your journey into a rewarding experience. So, pack smart, stay connected, and embrace the adventure that comes with being a veterinary professional on the move. Safe travels!