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Why did the locum vet bring their own equipment to the practice? Because they wanted to stay PAW-sitively within IR35 regulations! Shop Molymed today for all your locum uniform and equipment. MolyMed is a multi vendor marketplace meaning all shops on MMS are owned by individual veterinary professionals or companies so you can guarantee the quality is to the highest standard!

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Empowering Locums: Expert Guidance Beyond the Shifts

Our experts are dedicated to empowering locum professionals in essential yet sometimes overlooked aspects of running their own businesses. We cover a wide range of topics, including taxes, finances, investments, mortgages, maternity leave, securing work, continuing professional development, boosting confidence, fostering a sense of community, and much more. Your success is our priority, and we’re here to provide you with the knowledge and support you need in these critical areas


VetYou is a new veterinary-led community. Their aim is to help you secure your financial future in a way that works for you. VetYou can direct you towards a variety of experts.

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Strive X

Strive X is an accounting company. Our team structure is set-up to provide a close relationship with an account manager, whilst also providing you with specialist advice when needed. Your account manager will be your main point of contact in order to simplify and familiarise relations and our tax experts will support your account manager for advisory work. We are also now mortgage advisers!

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S’t Jame’s Place

Work with Ruth, a fantastic financial adviser who can help you with your investments, pension, income protection and more!

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Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors Harris and CO

Harris & Co, we are completely focused on helping your business grow. Whether you are running your own small or medium-sized business, our team of highly experienced and qualified chartered accountants based in Northampton can help your business achieve its key objectives. They know that when running a business, it can often find it difficult to cope with all of the different rules and regulations that you have to comply with. Relax! Harris & Co can take all the stress away by taking charge of all your accounting and taxation compliance needs.

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Vet Empowered

Vet Empowered is more than just a coaching company; they are your partners in professional growth and well-being. VE empower veterinary professionals, particularly locums, by instilling confidence and providing guidance to navigate the challenges of the industry. They understand the unique demands and occasional isolation that comes with being a locum, which is why they offer tailored coaching and support.

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i4 Pay

i4 is an umbrella company. Their services offer temporary workers and freelancers an opportunity to retain the correct amount of their hard-earned cash, without any of the overheads or risks of running their own companies or falling foul of IR35 legislation. i4 will look after the calculation, deduction and payment of all statutory payments for you. Get organised on the go with innovative and convenient solutions that free up your time to focus on doing what you do best.

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Help Search Locate

Are you a locum who wants some support with finding and booking work? Nervous around neogcation? Use our third party supplier – Hannah! Hannah is more than just a support system; she’s your trusted confidante, negotiation guru, and problem-solving pro. Need someone to talk to when things get tough? She’s got your back! Say goodbye to tedious admin tasks! Hannah takes care of confirmation contracts and sifts through shifts, ensuring you have more time for what you love – being a fantastic locum! Hannah charges practices, but she’s always open to discussing fee sharing arrangements that work for both parties. Once you’ve experienced Hannah’s invaluable support, you won’t want to work without her. So why not give her a try? Find all the shifts she can support you with on MFL’s platform, just look out for the fox logo seen in the picture above.

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