Without insurance it is easy for things to go pear shaped

A mere £57 a year actually covers…pip all.

RVNs Unpeeled: The Insurance Dilemma

Say goodbye to the misconception that a mere £60 a year is sufficient coverage.

The truth is, typical plans only cover legal representation.

As RVNs, we’ve been left without professional indemnity insurance.

What does that mean?

Having no Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance means that an individual or professional is not covered against financial losses or legal expenses that may arise from claims related to professional negligence, errors, or omissions in their work. Professional Indemnity insurance is designed to protect individuals and businesses in case a client or third party suffers a financial loss due to a mistake or oversight on the part of the insured.

Without PI insurance, individuals or businesses may be personally responsible for covering the costs associated with legal defence, settlements, or damages if a claim is filed against them. This lack of coverage could potentially lead to significant financial burdens and legal challenges, making it crucial for professionals in various fields to consider obtaining PI insurance to safeguard their interests and protect against unforeseen liabilities.

What can you do?